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Jojo Tank prices in South Africa range from R559 to R6199, offering options for all budgets and needs. These prices reflect the wide range of Jojo Tanks for residential and commercial customers nationwide. For various water management needs, Jojo offers a choice of water storage systems from tiny to large tanks.

Jojo Tanks are crucial in South Africa. Jojo Tanks mitigate droughts and water limitations in areas with water shortages. These Tanks help households, companies, and communities become more water-resilient by storing rainfall and harvested water.

Jojo Tank Costs in South Africa

Jojo Tank prices in South Africa

Jojo tanks have become a standard for water storage solutions in South Africa, providing dependability and longevity in water management. Understanding the cost of these tanks is critical for individuals and businesses wishing to invest in water storage.

  • Eco Pit Pedestal: The Eco Pit Pedestal is an affordable alternative for elevated water storage. It is priced at R559 and serves as a sturdy base for Jojo tanks, ensuring efficient water distribution while occupying minimal space.
  • Water Tank 1000L LDPE Vertical 25KG: This 1000-liter LDPE vertical tank, weighing 25 kilos, costs R2,259. It’s an excellent solution for household and small-scale commercial applications, offering plenty of storage space in a compact package.
  • Jojo 2400lt Vertical Water Tank: With a capacity of 2400 liters, this vertical water tank costs R2,699. It has a bigger storage capacity, making it ideal for medium-sized houses, farms, or enterprises that require a consistent water supply during dry seasons.
  • JOJO Water Tank 2700LT: The JOJO Water Tank with a capacity of 2700 liters is available for R3,989. It provides enough storage for bigger families or small-scale agricultural operations, ensuring water supply for a variety of uses.
  • Jojo 4750 Liter Vertical Water Tank: The Jojo 4750-liter vertical water tank, priced at R5,409, is excellent for properties that require large amounts of water storage. It is often used in agricultural settings, building sites, and commercial facilities with significant water demand.
  • JOJO Water Tank 5250LT: For those who require even more water storage capacity, the JOJO Water Tank (5250 liters) is available for R6,199. This large-capacity tank is ideal for agricultural irrigation, industrial uses, and community water systems.

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Types of Water Tanks Offered by Jojo Tanks

Jojo Tanks offers a wide range of water storage solutions. The company provides a wide selection of water tanks, each with unique features to meet different needs. We discuss Jojo Tanks’ water tanks’ features and benefits here.

Vertical Tanks

Vertical tanks, a Jojo Tanks staple, stand upright. Their various sizes and capacities allow these tanks to be used in many ways. Vertical tanks are popular for home and commercial water storage due to their space-saving and easy installation.


  • Space Utilization: Vertical tanks maximize vertical space, allowing for effective storage without occupying a large footprint.
  • Easy Installation: These tanks have a reputation for their user-friendly installation process, making them accessible to both homeowners and businesses alike.
  • Capacity Options: Jojo’s vertical tanks come in a range of capacities, ensuring there’s an option suitable for every need.

Horizontal Tanks

Horizontal tanks provide a distinct alternative to vertical ones. The design of these tanks allows them to sit flat on the ground or on a platform, offering a low-profile storage alternative. This feature proves useful in situations where vertical space is limited or when a more discreet storage solution is desired.


  • Low-Profile Design: The horizontal orientation makes these tanks suitable for areas with height restrictions or limited vertical space.
  • Versatility: In agricultural settings, horizontal tanks are commonly used for irrigation purposes or in situations where discreet storage is preferred.

Underground Tanks

For those seeking a water storage solution that seamlessly integrates with the landscape, Jojo’s underground tanks provide an excellent option. Installed beneath the ground surface, these tanks offer a hidden and space-saving storage solution.


  • Aesthetic Integration: Underground tanks blend seamlessly with the surroundings, maintaining the aesthetic appeal of the property.
  • Space Optimization: Ideal for locations with limited above-ground space, these tanks maximize land use while providing ample water storage capacity.

Factors influencing Jojo Tank prices

Jojo Tank pricing can vary greatly depending on a variety of factors. Understanding these aspects is essential for people and organizations seeking a cost-effective water storage option. Here are the primary elements influencing Jojo Tank prices:

Material Quality and Type

The pricing of a Jojo Tank heavily depends on the materials used in its construction. Jojo Tanks often use long-lasting materials like polyethylene (PE) or polypropylene (PP), which vary in quality and cost.

Tank capacity

The size or capacity of the Jojo Tank is another important component in determining its pricing. With larger tanks, the cost per liter of storage capacity decreases, but the overall price rises due to the increased volume of material needed for construction.

Additional Features and Accessories

Jojo Tanks may include various features and accessories, which might impact their price. They may have UV protection coatings, corrosion-resistant materials, built-in filtration systems, or tank-connecting connectors. Tanks with more features and accessories cost more owing to their value.

Brand Image and Quality Assurance

The brand’s reputation, as well as the manufacturer’s quality assurance measures, might have an impact on Jojo Tank prices. Established brands, like Jojo Tanks, earn recognition for their dependability and superb craftsmanship, potentially commanding higher costs compared to lesser-known brands.

Market Demand and Supply

Fluctuations in market demand and supply can influence Jojo Tank prices. During periods of high demand, such as peak water storage seasons or in regions experiencing water shortages, prices may increase due to increased competition and limited availability.

Jojo Tank Costs in SA

Future Prospects

Due to water conservation and environmental awareness, Jojo Tanks in South Africa may succeed. Jojo Tanks and other water storage devices may become increasingly popular as more people and businesses go green. Manufacturers can adapt to consumer needs by adding new features and technology.

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Conclusion of Jojo Tank prices

Jojo Tanks play a vital role in water management and conservation efforts in South Africa. Understanding the prices and factors influencing them is essential for individuals and businesses seeking reliable water storage solutions. By investing in Jojo Tanks, consumers can contribute to water conservation efforts while enjoying the benefits of efficient water management.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are Jojo Tanks suitable for underground installation?

Yes, Jojo offers underground tanks specifically designed for below-ground installation, ideal for saving space and maintaining aesthetics.

Do Jojo Tanks come with a warranty?

Yes, Jojo Tanks typically come with a warranty against manufacturing defects, providing customers with peace of mind.

Can Jojo Tanks withstand extreme weather conditions?

Yes, Jojo Tanks withstand harsh environmental conditions, including extreme heat, cold, and UV exposure, due to their construction.

Are Jojo Tanks easy to install?

Yes, Jojo Tanks are designed for easy installation, with the manufacturer providing simple setup instructions.

Can Jojo Tanks be used for storing chemicals or other non-potable liquids?

Jojo Tanks are made exclusively for storing water, so do not use them to store chemicals or non-potable liquids to protect the contents and prolong the life of the tank.

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